2020 Gala GALA

Albuquerque International Association (AIA) cordially invites you to our
14th Annual FUNdraising Virtual Gala

 A Gala GALA – November 15, 2020

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Nostalgie (Slide Show)

AIA Best Memories, 2006-2020


From London with Vision!

Business Sense in Future Tense

by Jason Karaian, London, New York Times
Jason Karaian is the editor of the New York Time’s DealBook, based in London. He joined The Times in 2020 after six years at Quartz, where he was senior Europe correspondent and later global finance and economics editor.

Marina OboratovaDessert

Pairing Founding Fathers, Rasputin, Prohibition & Russian Revolution

by Marina Oborotova


Members Gallery – Special Moments to Cherish & to Share: Let’s Misbehave?

Smorgasbord of Gifts

Download Smorgasbord of Gifts as a PDF

If anybody doubted it, we have great talent at AIA! See below for yourself! And discover amazing talents of AIA members that they are willing to share with you.


Fishing with Scott Kraus

Want to learn to fly fish?  AIA member Scott Kraus will take you to a local stream and hook you up. Get wet. Wade around. Toss some bugs. Equipment, fish yarns and lunch included. Price: $250/day. Buy at  https://conta.cc/3p3IKux

Brewing Beer with Sam Reeves

In 2020 our lives changed. Now we need to get back to basics and … learn how to brew beer at home! This is your chance to learn how to do it with Sam Reeves and enjoy your own beer before the end of staycation. The learning curve will involve 4 hours: brewing & bottling with two to three weeks in between, with 30 days of conditioning afterwards and a case of beer to drink, not to mention tasting! Price: $300/person; $500/couple. Buy at  https://conta.cc/3k6MkjE

Russian Classics with Marina Oborotova

Enjoy learning, reading and discussing great works of Russian Classical Literature. Six sessions, one/month, each two hours long, December 2020 – May 2021.  Talks, reading, discussions. Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov or Bunin, Nabokov. Price: $400/series or $75/ class. Buy at https://conta.cc/3n00ODS

Qigong with Yolanda Day

Increase your energy and overall health with the Eastern practice of Qigong.  AIA member Yolanda Day is a certified (ATCQA) Tai Chi and Qigong instructor with ten years’ experience.  Yolanda says there couldn’t be a better time to do some energy work and reduce stress.  Able to work with you on Zoom, at your home while social distancing or even outdoors, weather permitting.  Learn three different Qigong forms and then we’ll focus on your favorite, four half-hour sessions.  Price:  $120. Buy at https://conta.cc/368UuDn

Art Lessons with the NM Art League

Discover your inner artist—or refine your existing skills!  Whether you are a beginning or an experienced artist, the NM Art League has something for you—from representational to abstract, watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, you name it! We offer both online and in-person 8-week classes three times a year.  Our winter session starts in January. Check it out here: https://newmexicoartleague.wildapricot.org  A $260.00 gift certificate will enable you to enroll in one 8-week in-studio or online classes anytime during 2021. (And a special thanks to Brigid and Dan Conklin!)  Buy at https://conta.cc/3exQyzE.

Bird Watching with Sherri & Chuck Karaian

New Mexico has wonderful birding and ranks #4 in number of bird species present in the State.  Sherri and Chuck Karaian will take up to 2 people on a walk in the Sandia foothills, Embudito Canyon and Elena Gallegos, in search of seasonal birds.  Binoculars provided if needed.  After the bird walk, they will provide a light brunch.  Sherri and Chuck have been birding the world over the past 15 years. They are passionate about sharing their love for birds and nature with others.  Price: $100 for 2.  Buy at https://conta.cc/36akazB

Russian History, 1860-1940 with Richard Robbins

In the space of eighty years, Russia passed from a period of moderate, hopeful reform, through war and revolution, into a time of violence and terror that swallowed millions. How and why did this happen?  In a series of talks and conversations we will explore this question in the hopes of better understanding a great country and, perhaps, our own.

Robbins is one of the best US experts on Russian history. Tuesdays, February 2 to March 9, Afternoon or Evening. Price: $300; Individual sessions $65. Buy at https://conta.cc/351CQlFspeck

Watching Bollywood Movies with Henryk Sloma.

Price: $50. Buy at  https://conta.cc/2I8ivlN

Not Watching Bollywood Movies with Henryk Sloma.

Minimum bid: $100  Buy at https://conta.cc/2TXv4Tu

Archeological Day Trip to the Salinas Province: On the Edge of the Pueblo World with Professor Kate Spielman

Kate Spielmann will lead a one-day guided trip to three of the prehispanic/early historic Pueblo villages in the Salinas Province of central New Mexico. The Salinas Province was a vibrant place of social transformation, interaction with Plains bison hunters, and the establishment of early Spanish missions.  The trip will proceed through Chilili and Tajique, Spanish villages founded on the sites of former prehispanic pueblos, with our first stop at Quarai, the site of a spectacularly preserved Spanish mission. After talking about Pueblo responses to Spanish missionization and colonization we will proceed on to Gran Quivira where we will have an all-encompassing view of this eastern Pueblo world. There we will talk about the region’s social transformation from Mogollon to Pueblo and about trade with Plains hunter-gatherers. We will return through Abo Pass, with a stop at Abo Pueblo if there is time and interest. Professor Kate Spielmann and her graduate students worked in the Salinas province for two decades employing both archaeological survey and excavation, as well as interviews with local homesteaders, to learn about Pueblo life in this province. Price: $100 per person. Buy at  https://conta.cc/3pehmds

Cross-country skiing with Marina Oborotova

In his youth, Marina’s father was a cross country skiing champion. Marina has been cross country skiing “under duress” since before she remembers herself, and of course hated it! But the expected result is that she knows how to do it. Enjoy a cross country skiing class with Marina when the snow arrives. Price: $250. Buy at https://conta.cc/3ey0Kbp

“Paris, je t’aime”. Private French lessons with Karin Frings

3 hours of customized, private French lessons on Zoom.  Whether you would like to get a first taste of this beautiful language or discuss literature or learn to pronounce the items on a menu, you will be pleased with the challenge!  Karin Frings has been teaching French in Albuquerque for over 20 years and is active with Alliance Française d’Albuquerque.  Price: $120.
Buy at  https://conta.cc/2I1Ui0N

Chinese Language with Fay Yao

2 half-hours of virtual lessons of Chinese Language. Price: $240 .
Buy at https://conta.cc/2U2Moq5

Vegetarian Cooking with Marlene Brown

Eat healthier, cook vegetarian, or just get some more great recipes and cooking ideas! The class will be customized to your tastes and needs. Marlene Brown, a vegetarian of 43 years, will work with you to pick several recipes, preparing them either live or virtually to create a wonderful, healthy, and satisfying vegetarian meal.  Marlene enjoys cooking and introducing others to exciting vegetarian dishes. Price: $100.
Buy at https://conta.cc/3p16NtX

Pilates with Susanne Gutterson

Enjoy a private Pilates class with internationally recognized Master Pilates teacher Suzanne Gutterson.  Suzanne has conducted student classes and workshops for teachers in Europe and throughout the United States. These include the website Pilates Anytime where she is listed as a ‘distinguished” teacher; Pilates Method Alliance; Rancho la Puerta Spa; Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa and Core Dynamics. She has served on the Advisory board of Pilates Style magazine as well as been the featured subject in two of their articles. The class will be conducted in her private studio once it is safe to do so again.  Price: $150
Buy at  https://conta.cc/3l3YsDC

Climbing with Rod Sly

Rod, a superb rock climber, will teach you how to climb at the Stone Age climbing gym. $50/class. Each pass is for one day with rental gear (harness and shoes).  This also includes training on auto-belay devices by Stone Age staff, followed by a top rope session with AIA member Rod Sly. Stone Age is compliant with New Mexico Covid guidelines, which requires masks at all times while in Stone Age.  There are hand sanitizers located though out the gym. Buy at  https://conta.cc/3l8Wuls

Lebanese Cooking Lesson with Monika and Robert Ghattas

Learn to cook Fêti, a delicious and authentic Lebanese casserole, with Monika and Robert Ghattas, who led last year’s AIA trip to Lebanon.  Fêti is a layered dish consisting of eggplant, garbanzos, tahini, onions, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds.  It is served lukewarm and can be made either vegetarian or served with minced lamb.  The Ghattases will discuss several ways to prepare it.  This cooking lesson can be conducted on Zoom or in person, once it is again safe to do so.  Cost: $100.
Buy at: https://conta.cc/36chxgp