Health Care for Everyone! Why Can't the U.S. Do It?

Health Care for Everyone! Why Can’t the U.S. Do It?

T.R. Reid, Award-Winning Journalist
January 19, 2018

All of the world’s industrialized democracies provide health care for everybody — all, that is, except the world’s richest country, the United States. And all the other rich democracies have better health outcomes than the U.S. — while spending about half as much as we do for medical care. How do they do it?  Journalist T. R. Reid traveled the world for a book and two PBS documentaries to answer these questions. He showed that universal coverage doesn’t have to mean “socialized medicine” — indeed, many countries provide excellent health care at reasonable cost with less government involvement than the U.S. currently has.  Reid will explain how we could get to health care for all — and how this would benefit the United States and New Mexico.

T. R. Reid has become one of the nation’s best-known reporters through his books and articles, his documentary films, his reporting for the Washington Post, and his light-hearted commentaries on NPR’s Morning Edition. He majored in Classics at Princeton University and subsequently worked as a Naval officer during the Vietnam War, a lawyer, a teacher, and assorted other jobs. At The Washington Post, he covered Congress and four presidential campaigns. He served as the paper’s bureau chief in Tokyo and London. Reid has reported from 4 dozen countries on five continents. He has written ten books in English and three in Japanese, and translated one book from the Japanese. His 2009 book “The Healing of America” became a national best-seller. PBS Frontline made two documentaries, “Sick Around the World” and “India–A Second Opinion” following Reid as he did the reporting for that book.

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