April 23, 3:00 pm

by Marjolaine Greentree, Regional Protection Advisor, Swiss Cooperation Program,  Middle East Embassy of Switzerland in Jordan


Ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, from Libya in North Africa to Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula, have provoked humanitarian disasters of unprecedented scale, affecting millions of lives and severely straining the ability of the international community to provide assistance. This presentation will focus on Syria, now in its tenth year of civil war, and Iraq, where hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons remain four years after the defeat of ISIS. Over the past ten years, NGOs, UN agencies and donors have aided the victims of conflict, working to implement durable solutions and apply a triple nexus approach. More than offering buzz words, do these concepts open new avenues? Will the Biden administration’s redoubling of U.S. efforts, including humanitarian commitments in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine, contribute to stabilizing solutions in the Middle East?

Marjolaine Greentree has 35 years of experience as a humanitarian professional with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations. Her missions in conflict emergencies include Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Croatia, Romania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Liberia, Angola, Sierra Leone, and Sri Lanka. Currently, she serves as the Swiss Protection Advisor for the Middle East based in Amman, Jordan.