Letter from the AIA President

Dear AIA Members and Friends,

Once again, it’s time to renew your AIA membership.  Once again we ask you to help AIA grow by recruiting new members.

Yet every year I am asked: “Why should I be a member of AIA when I can’t participate in all the programs or attend all the events?” Those of  you  trying to recruit new members may face the same question.

The answer is simple. No one can take advantage of all AIA has to offer. And that’s a good thing!  AIA is a cultural and intellectual banquet, not a rubber-chicken-dinner-and-talk organization that meets once a month.  Our aim is to open the complex, exciting, diverse and even dangerous world we live in to Albuquerque. And, we hope, open Albuquerque to the world.

AIA is helping to create an ambience for Albuquerque that is commensurate with 21st-century standards. Our speakers keep us in step with the world by showing how global political, economic and cultural trends affect us. Our book, cuisine and film clubs bring world cultures to our doorstep! What we learn about the wider world enriches our city with new ideas and experiences and  makes Albuquerque an even  more desirable place to live and work.

So renew and recruit. Help make Albuquerque the vital, exciting place we want and deserve!