Lecture Date: April 9 – 4:00 pm

An interview of professor E. Pope, UT Austin by Doug Wise, CIA (retd), followed by discussion. 


The United States faces many external threats, but the existential threats may be closer to home from domestic terrorism – the ultimate threat from within. Given the diversity of factors driving domestic terrorism makes this one of  the most significant challenge to our national security. Participate in a timely interview on this critical topic with UT at Austin Professor Paul Pope. Paul will provide insight into the history and complexity of this issue and explain why it is important for all Americans including those of us in New Mexico.

James “Paul” Pope retired from a distinguished career with CIA after multiple foreign tours, service as chief of station and assignments as a chief, deputy chief and chief of operations in the Directorate of Operations’ three largest components.

Pope served as head of delegation to NATO’s Civilian Intelligence Committee and as the DNI/DCIA representative to commander, U.S. Pacific Command and its component commands. Prior to his time in the Clandestine Service, he served on the National Intelligence Council for the Near East and South Asia and led an analytic branch in the Directorate of Intelligence. Pope was an Army officer, with service on the Army General Staff after twice commanding at the company level, including command of the only active firebase in the Army on the Korean DMZ.

Professor Pope will be interviewed by Doug Wise, retired member of CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service. His finished his career with CIA in a Joint Duty Assignment as the Deputy Director of the Defense intelligence Agency. During his nearly thirty years of service in CIA’s Clandestine Service, he had led several of the Agency’s most important components at CIA Headquarters and in the field. In the course of multiple field assignments, Doug served four times as a Chief of Station, including a tour as a Chief of Station in Iraq, which was then the largest field station in the Agency’s history. He was also the CIA’s Chief of Operational Training (The Farm) for CIA. In addition to assignments in Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia, he has served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Doug consults for LANL and is also an Adjunct Professor in the National Security Studies Program at UNM.