Kent Walz, Albuquerque Journal
July 27, 2018

We are subject to more news, and fake news, from more sources than ever before. It’s in the newspaper, on TV, on our computers and on our phones. Traditional news media are more challenged than ever by a flock of well financed information and commentary purveyors on the left and right. And that doesn’t even contemplate the increasingly important role of powerful companies like Apple, Google and Facebook in deciding what you can read or view. All this against the backdrop of open warfare between the president of the United States and much of the news media. We will try to sort out the playing field and make some sense of it. If that’s possible.

Kent Walz is the senior editor of the Albuquerque Journal and a veteran of 40 years in the news business, including that past 22 years as Editor-in-Chief for the Albuquerque Journal. He has been a reporter, sports writer and the editor of several newspapers. He also spent 12 years with Associated Press, running AP bureaus in several states. He is also a graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Law and a member of the state Bar of New Mexico.

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