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About the Center for International Studies (CFIS)


CFIS’s mission is two-prong. It is designed to promote greater understanding about the United States and New Mexico in the international arena, to raise New Mexico’s profile abroad, and to facilitate the country and the state’s activities in the international political, business and academic realms. CFIS was also created to expand Americans’ knowledge of the world, and in particular, that of New Mexicans.

Why was the Center created?

The idea to create CFIS materialized before 9/11. After the end of the Cold War it became obvious that there was a widening gap between the increasing global role and responsibilities of the only superpower left and the diminishing global awareness of too many of its citizens – particularly its youth. 9/11 tragically illustrated the disconnect between the US and important parts of the world. US military intervention in Iraq has pushed the US image abroad to an unprecedented low.

Status and Objectives

The Center is a non profit organization with the focus on international studies. Its goal is to facilitate and expand communication and interaction of Americans and US institutions with their foreign counterparts, and to help develop international educational programs which will contribute to the internationalization of the American educational system. These programs will in the long term help draw upon the best in Americans and increase their awareness and understanding of the societies, cultures, governments, languages and economies of the other countries with which we must find a way to live.


CFIS’s activities are in the areas of international affairs/relations, international security, international education and international business. Its’ projects include Trilateral Response to Security (in collaboration with SNL and NAMI) , Spanish/English Immersion Program in Northern Mexico and New Mexico, Global Awareness for Young Adults, ABQ International Association and others.