Global Skills for Young Adults

Global Skills for Young Adults is a multi-phase, multi-year program designed to help young adults to succeed in their lives and careers in the 21st century world.  Here at the Albuquerque International Association, we are bringing Albuquerque’s youth the “global awareness” skills they need in order to successfully pursue their careers.

The sooner Young Adults become globally aware, the quicker they will become successful.  In this increasingly inter-dependent world, students must learn to interact directly with the global environment.  That knowledge isn’t gained through a traditional university or high school education.


  • A program specifically tailored to students that will prepare you to live and succeed in the 21st century global world.
  • Its events are intellectually engaging, bringing you the “hot topics” of the times.
  • It’s social, bringing you together with active students and adults in the community.
  • It’s engaging, bringing you in to the circle of Albuquerque’s globally minded thinkers and doers.
  • It will look good on your resume.


Whether we like it or not, the world is global, and you need to have international knowledge and experience to succeed.  The sooner, the better!  Global Skills for Young Adults brings to you the chance to become a globally minded and trained individual.


  • Exposure to international leaders and experts (leading experts in the fields of international politics, business, foreign policy, art and academics): ambassadors, corporate executives, renowned writers and academics.
  • Contacts, connections, interaction, networking.
  • Internships with local companies with international operations.
  • Mentorships with AIA members who worked abroad and know the world.


  • A chance to meet and engage with global leaders.
  • A source of inspiration to enhance your academic pursuits.
  • A program specifically tailored to the needs and restrictions of students.
  • It will give you the competitive edge.


  • “Hot Topic” Lectures
  • Receptions with speakers
  • Internships
  • Mentorships


  • Free access to lectures by leading international experts on topics such as Iran, Nuclear Proliferation, Immigration, Financial Crisis, European Union, Foreign Policy advisor to the Mexican President etc..  See calendar of events and our Past Speaker Archives.
  • Direct interaction with corporate executives (for example, have a coke with VP of Coca Cola after his talk on how to be successful in politics and business).
  • A chance of internship at a local company with international operations and connections.
  • Consulting with people who worked in foreign service, international banking, international organizations, and more through AIA mentorship program.
  • Student members can attend AIA Book Club discussions, International Cuisine Club and Foreign Movie Club events.


  • Express your interest to our office, please email us at
  • Become a student member of the Albuquerque International Association, which is a mere $5 annual required donation. See membership page.
  • Active student members are given priority in Mentorship Program

 Student Praise for Global Skills

“Global Skills for Young Adults is one of the best courses I have taken in the UNM honors program and could prove more beneficial to my future career than anything I have ever done at the University… I highly recommend that students take advantage of the dinners and parties because I spoke to many interesting folks who have, or have had, prominent careers…the mentor AIA introduced me to connected me with people I may land an internship with, or even a career.   Socializing and networking are integral parts of this course and are crucial skills to have in the post-college world.

-Michael Buck, UNM Honors Student Fall 2009

“Global Skills for Young Adults is a journey experienced from a seat…the knowledge and new perspective I was exposed to have most certainly enhanced my overall global consciousness and have made me more responsible in keeping up to date with all current global affairs.”

-Robby Ortiz, UNM Honors Student Fall 2009

“It was nice to have a book discussion with members of the community, many of which are passionate about the subject and had a far greater background than I…fascinating, entertaining, and inspiring…three things that sadly never make it into standard college seminars.”

-Scott Rossol, UNM Honors Student Fall 2009

“I appreciate the push to use my own motivation to gain knowledge from renowned lecturers, about one of the most important topics of our time.”

-Rachel Zakrzewski, UNM Honors Student Fall 2009

“My mentor gave me very valuable career advice and I feel very lucky for the opportunity.  While I am still on the path of defining and discovering my career path, the advice, suggestions and insight my mentor offered enriched my goals, especially hearing his amazing experiences abroad.”

-Danielle Durante, Student, Spring 2009

“The Muslim World Lecture Series provided for the public to gain awareness sheds light on the concepts of the relationship between the Middle East and the West that are not exposed in our daily dose of news”.

-Victoria Barraza, UNM Honors Student Fall 2009

“I honestly think I would have gone on in ignorance if I had not attended these great lectures…I learned things that are relevant to American politics now.

-Ronald Shaw, UNM Honors Student Fall 2009