Jason Karaian, Global Finance Editor, Quartz
October 4, 2019

A London-based business journalist who has been living through Brexit will tell us the story of the run-up to the Brexit referendum, the uncertain aftermath following the vote, the convoluted divorce negotiations before the UK’s official exit, and the uncertain transition period to a new relationship with the bloc it belonged to for more than 40 years. Has the promise of the “Leavers” been fulfilled? Have the warnings of the “Remainers” been realized? What lies ahead for the British economy, its trade relationships, geopolitical status, and much else besides?

Jason Karaian is global finance and economics editor at Quartz, a global business news site, based in London. He joined Quartz in 2013 as senior Europe correspondent, just in time to cover the euro zone’s burgeoning debt crisis. Previously, he spent 10 years at The Economist Group, first at the European edition of CFO magazine writing about the financial aspects of business and later, as financial services editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit, covering the business aspects of finance.

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