Dr. Monika Ghattas, Ph.D
April 10, 2016

Matera is an unusual example for urban renewal and transformation. Considered one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited communities, the city was the shame of Italy as late as the 1950’s. Almost 50 years later, Matera has become a World Heritage site and recently was named the European Cultural Capital of 2019. How was this achieved? What role has tourism played in this transformation? Dr. Ghattas will explore the art, architecture and culture of this most ancient of Italian cities!

Dr. Monika Ghattas is a long-time member of the Albuquerque International Association, where she is Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and also chairs the Book Club. She taught European and Far East history at CNM for many years and recently published a book titled “Los Arabes of New Mexico: Compadres from a Distant Land”. It is the story about the early Lebanese and Syrian immigrants who first came to the territory of New Mexico in the late 19th century. In addition, she volunteers at the Albuquerque Museum, where she has been a docent for many years. She loves to travel and visit unconventional destinations.

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