Dr. Patricia Risso, UNM
August 14, 2016

Islamic regimes in the Middle East used architecture to convey impressions of their wealth and power. This talk will look at the Umayyad Kingdom’s Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (late 7th c.), the Mamluk Sultanate’s Hasan Mosque in Cairo (14th c.), the Ottoman Aya Sophia in Istanbul (15th c.), and the Safavid Shah Mosque complex in Isfahan (early 17th c).

Dr. Patricia Risso is Professor of History at the University of New Mexico and teaches courses on the Middle East, South Asia, and a seminar on Muslims in Europe. Her M.A. and Ph.D. are from the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montréal. Her research interests are cultural and economic contacts between India and the Middle East during the early modern period. In the last several years she has focused on cross-cultural perceptions of the kind of maritime violence that is often referred to as piracy.

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