October 28,  by Diana McDonald, Ph.D., Boston College
Location: Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
7521 Carmel Ave NE Wyoming & Carmel, N of Paseo

Peru has some of the greatest art and archaeological sites of the Western Hemisphere. With art-making cultures that stretch back thousands of years before the Inca, there are treasures – including gold and silver artifacts, colorful pottery, sculpture, and truly amazing textiles – that were found in almost every bit of land. We will take you on a tour of some of these cultures’ greatest works – collected in some of the most overlooked museums in Lima, as well as Santiago, Chile. Moche pottery and textiles abound at the beautiful, and stylishly traditional hacienda of Museo Larco. The newly renovated Museo de Arte Lima has an astonishing range of art in its grand building, the Palacio de Exposición – the 1872 World’s Fair exposition Park. The Museo Amano has an excellent and unique collection of PreColumbian textiles that a Peruvian-Japanese businessman rescued, which include some of the finest, and oldest, textiles created by hand – from the Chavin culture to Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Wari, Lambayeqye, Chimu and Inca. Finally, we’ll look at the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, located in Santiago’s Palacio of Royal Customs, near the city center, which has some of the finest ancient Andean works, including Moche pottery and metalwork. Dr. McDonald has recently visited these museums.

Dr. Diana McDonald is an art historian and lecturer, retired from Boston College. She earned her B.A. in Fine Arts from Harvard University and Ph.D. from Columbia University, where she concentrated in ancient Near Eastern and Pre-Columbian art. She worked at The Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Indonesian National Museum in Jakarta, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and other preeminent organizations. Dr. McDonald’s lectures on ‘30 Masterpieces of the Ancient World’ can be found on The Great Courses.

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