Dr. Charles Steen, UNM
December 13, 2015

Dr. Charles Steen will provide an overview of the founding and development of Venice. Those who built Venice despised the nightmare world of the barbarian invasions and the repressive feudal regimes that followed. The city they imagined, more closely connected with Rome and Byzantium, developed as an international, trade-oriented center with an independent and remarkable culture that practiced a degree of religious toleration and relative cultural freedom unique among European cities of its time.  This talk will examine the people and the place, chronicling the rise of a unique class of merchant oligarchs who crafted a republic that lasted for a thousand years.

Charles Steen began his teaching career at the University of New Mexico in 1969. In addition to teaching both Western Civilization survey courses, Steen also offers a variety of upper-division undergraduate courses including the Reformation Era, the History of Europe in the 18th Century and the History of the French Revolution. Professor Steen has published five books and a variety of articles.

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