November 4, by Carla Sinopoli, Ph.D.

Location: Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
7521 Carmel Ave NE Wyoming & Carmel, N of Paseo


Founded in the early 1300s, the imperial capital of Vijayanagara ruled over vast territories and populations for more than 200 years.  Then, in 1565, the city — one of the largest in the world — was abandoned.  In this talk, Carla Sinopoli, draws on more than three decades of archaeological research at Vijayanagara to trace the story of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Vijayanagara and the empire it ruled.

Dr. Carla Sinopoli is the director of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology at UNM.  Her archaeological survey and excavation projects along the Tungabhadra River in South India examine the political economy of the 2nd millennium CE imperial capital of Vijayanagara and emergent complexity in the first millennium BCE Iron Age. Sinopoli has published on the archaeology of empires, political economy of craft production, archaeological ceramics, South Asian archaeology, and the history of anthropological collecting in museums.  She is currently working on three book projects: Approaches to Archaeological Ceramics (second edition), Collecting the Himalayas, and a monograph on her archaeological research at the late prehistoric site of Kadebakele in southern India.